Over 70 years of expertise in the world of Business and Management

Monla Group Holding continues to progress with long-term capital investments in various sectors ranging from Telecommunications and IT, Real Estate Development and Contracting, Low Current Security and Fire Systems, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Insurance, Aviation, FMCG and Luxury Men Retail.

The history of MG Holding as a company spans over 70 years of business in the Middle East and Africa focusing on different businesses and interests with entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the family since the start of our forefathers’ journey across the Levant region.

Despite harsh conditions, the company has overcome various challenges in its countries of operation and has continuously enjoyed growth and success due to its team professionalism and its founder’s vision.

We offer our subsidiaries a high degree of functional autonomy and authority. This in turn provides them with an essential flexibility and focused approach.

With a talented workforce of over 1000 employees and a dynamic vision, the team has successfully leveraged his competitive positioning and managed to foster strategic partnerships with global market leaders in different sectors.

MG Holding occupies today a market leadership in some of the fastest growing economies in the world such as Lebanon, Iraq and Nigeria.

Mission: "To enrich our customer’s business by providing an innovative, professional, and unique portfolio of services”.
Vision: "We aim to be the market leaders in every market we operate in by earning the trust of our customers” .
  • To identify, develop, invest, manage and operate sound investment opportunities based on best practices.
  • Continuous expansion by converting untapped opportunities into commercially profitable ventures.
  • Staying ahead of competition by setting standards in every line of business.
  • Providing quality and customized solutions to meet client requirements.
  • Trust
  • Uniqueness
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism and transparency