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Contracting &
Real Estate

Envisioning communities that people aspire to be part of.


Building integral infrastructure from the ground up.

As part of its diversified contracting arm, MG Holding carries out extensive and complex contracting and public works projects. The scope includes the construction, renovation and maintenance of private and public structures, to enhance the foundations of cities.

From the management and maintenance of private and public buildings, to designing the infrastructure for water works, roads and bridges, MG Holding offers turnkey solutions in this field. The portfolio of projects also includes sewage and waste water treatment solutions.

Venture into healthier and more sustainable cities, with MG Holding.

Real Estate

Envisioning communities that people aspire to be part of.

MG Holding has various real estate projects that cater to the needs of the communities in which they are based. From residential projects, to commercial spaces, healthcare facilities and hospitality ventures, MG Holding is invested in enhancing the fabric of cities, through its real estate arm.
MG Holding identifies the market opportunities and designs customized projects that suits local cultures and meet local needs.

Since 2009, MG Holding has completed and financed several Real Estate projects in Iraq. The latest in its portfolio, is a large-scale residential real estate and mixed-use projects in the Governorate of Salaheddine in Iraq, capitalizing on the Iraqi Investment law 13/2006.

Despite the challenging market circumstances, the team at MG Holding has adopted a mindset of resilience and determination, to create projects that enhance the lives of people and contribute towards community-building.

Make your mark with community-centric real estate ventures, with MG Holding.

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