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World-class healthcare facilities and clinics, for a healthier society.

MG Holding’s Healthcare expertise dates back to 1957, with the first successful hospital founded in Lebanon. The specialized healthcare facilities within its portfolio include hospitals, labs and doctors’ clinics, as part of the Holding’s commitment to make healthcare more accessible and efficient.

MG Holding designs, develops, and manages healthcare facilities across Lebanon and Iraq, and operates them to ensure a seamless experience for every patient, doctor and worker. MG Holding is working to become a fully digital and paperless healthcare provider, to complement the holistic healthcare experience through optimized online solutions.

Our expertise in healthcare, since 1957

MG Holding has been keen to develop the healthcare sector in the Levant region, at Monla Hospital, a major Healthcare institution in Lebanon established in 1957. Over the next few years, MG Holding was dedicated to enhancing the hospital and expanding it to become a medical center that would serve as a reference in the field of healthcare. As a result of this dedication, Monla Hospital became the first accredited cardiac center in the North of Lebanon. Today, the hospital has 160 beds.

Today, MG Holding is diligently venturing into the healthcare sector in Iraq by creating leading edge solutions in hospital management, diagnostics and offering state-of-the-art digital health services to the local communities.

Venture into the world of healthcare, with MG Holding.

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